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The mission of The Bray Heads U3A is to promote and practice lifelong learning and active, creative ageing by senior citizens in local communities, through learning and doing new things; meeting new people; sharing skills, experience and interests with others; and having some fun along the way.

Agreeing with the UN that climate change is ‘the defining issue of our time’ and with young people leading the way in demanding decisive, effective, action by all of us NOW to avert an ecological disaster on our planet, our U3A Group is committed to doing something ourselves, as grandparents and elders. We have set up a sub-group to inform ourselves and others about the issues, we are planning activities which we can engage in locally and more widely and we will be pleased to hear from fellow-U3A groups and other groups interested in climate action as we are.

We also have a small Walking group, a History/Archaeology sub-group and a Writing Group.

We launched our Bray Heads U3A Group in early September 2018 and as of September 2022, we will have over 200 members.